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Prop Adapters

1.5mm | 2mm


(Top | 2mm)

1.5mm Rubber Prop Adapter (5 pk)

A pack of 5 rubber prop adapters designed for GWS 4mm bore Micro Speed propellers and 1.5mm prop shaft.

£ 3.45

1.5mm Prop Saver

A prop saver style adapter for 1.5mm shafts. One side has a 4mm boss for GWS microspeed props and the other side has a 5.5mm boss. Supplied with two o-rings.

£ 1.25


(Top | 1.5mm)

E-Flite 2mm Prop Adapter

Lightweight prop adapters to fit motors with 2.0mm shafts. Set screw attachment to motor shaft and screw/washer prop retention. Prop shaft is 3mm minimum diameter and is stepped at 4mm and 5.5mm to fit a variety of popular prop sizes. The EFLM1993A will fit GWS MicroSpeed up to 5" diameter and EFLM1927 will fit the GWS 6x3 and 7x3.5.

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