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Micron Radio Control

Micron R/C specialises in radio control components, kits and accessories for micro models: planes, trains and (soon) boats and vehicles. We stock the excellent range of 2.4GHz DSM2/DSMX micro R/C equipment from Deltang; there is a receiver to suit every need.

Micro Aero Kits

Our range of micro aero models mostly use the AR6400 or similar 2.4GHz receiver/servo/ESC module. We feature CNC cut kits from Flight Line PlansTM, Stevens Aero, Radical RC, Mountain Models and Park Scale Models. Click on Model Browser to view a brief description of all aircraft kits that we stock. The web page listing for each model kit describes a set of optional components (e.g. motor, esc, receiver, battery) that may be purchased with the kit.

R/C Model Rail

An on-board battery and R/C receiver frees your locos and trains; no more time wasted cleaning track and pickups. Run your layout without track power - no need to insulate turnouts and no messy wiring.

The Deltang range of model rail receivers and hand-held controllers covers all scales and gauges; from N to SM32, Gauge 1 and beyond They are simple to install and use. Most receivers have built-in forward/reverse speed controllers and many auxiliary outputs for lighting, sound control, couplers, etc.

We are running a clearance sale of all our previously stocked kits and parts for larger models. The sale list web pages are regularly updated. Appearance of an item on a sale web page or the full list is no guarantee that the item is still available as it may have been claimed by an order submitted before yours. If you wish to enquire about actual stock level, need more information about a particular item, or to make an offer for multiple items, please send an email to info@micronradiocontrol.co.uk.

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