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Spektrum DSM2/DSMX Transmit Modules

DT Tx1-J | MT01

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DT Tx1-J Short Range DSM2 Transmitter
(Top | MT01)

Tx1-J is a simple short-range DSM2 transmitter with a built-in joystick allowing it to operate as a complete hand-held transmitter.

Download the user instuctions for: Tx1-J,

£ 28.00

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Micron MT01 Transmitter Core
(Top | DT Tx1-J)

MT01 is a 18x28mm module which can be used to make a DSM2 transmitter with 7 channels. The range is suitable for indoors and small outdoor sites. Each channel is controlled by a variable resistor or switch.

MT01 is ideal for DIY projects; it requires connection to external resistors, potentiometers, switches, battery and an LED. It has features for control of model vehicles, especially trains: speed, direction, inertia and lights. Connection to MT01 is via a 10 pin JST-SH for control inputs and a 6 pin JST-SH for power and LED. Mating connectors with 100mm leads are supplied with MT01.

MT01 supports several profiles which provide a combination of analogue and digital inputs. Most of these are designed for use in the Micron model rail transmitters. MT01 is supplied configured with Profile 1 and this can easily be changed. Click on the Profiles tab for details.

£ 24.00
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