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Spektrum DSM2/DSMX Transmit Modules

DT Tx1 | DT Tx2

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DT Tx1 Short Range DSM2 Transmitter
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Tx1 is a simple short-range DSM2 transmitter. It is available in three versions: 'Tx1-J' with a built-in joystick allowing it to operate as a complete hand-held transmitter; 'Tx1-M' as a module for converting older transmitters to 2.4GHz DSM2 and 'Tx1-K1' which accepts a RS-232 control input. The 'M' version requires a PPM input, is switchable between JR and Futaba channel ordering and requires some DIY skills to install.

Download the user instuctions for: Tx1-J, Tx1-M or Tx1-K1.

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A battery lead (BL1) is available for connection of either Tx1 module to a single cell LiPo with 'UM' style connector:

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DT Tx2 DSM2 Transmitter Core
(Top | DT Tx1)

Tx2 is module which can be used to make a DSM2 transmitter with 7 channels. The range is suitable for indoors and small outdoor sites. Each channel is controlled by a variable resistor or switch. The firmware supports trims, reversing, variable throws, mixing and inertia. It is a short-range transmitter that works with all DSM2 receivers.

Tx2 is ideal for DIY projects; it requires soldering external resistors, potentiometers, switches, battery and LED. It has features for control of model vehicles, especially trains: speed, direction, inertia and lights.

Tx2 supports several profiles which provide a combination of analogue and digital inputs. Most of these are designed for use in the Tx2x transmitters. Tx2 is supplied configured with Profile 1 and this can easily be changed. Click on the Profiles tab for details.

See Deltang Tx2 Transmitter Module for usage information and example circuits and Tx2 Wired for details of the pre-wired version.

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