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Coreless Brushed Motors

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4mm x 11mm Coreless Motor - 13ohm

Motor for GB05 gearbox with 42mm wire lead length and about 1.5mm tinned ends of wire. As used on Butterfly RTF's and other models that use the GB05 gearbox. Weight 0.65gm and with 0.7mm shaft. Coreless motor. Good match with the Micro Butterfly propeller, or GB05 gearbox or hundreds of other projects.

£ 2.90

6mm 4.5ohm Coreless Motor

These are great little workhorses, the same motor used in the GB03 and GB04 gearboxes. These motors have long 60mm leads with a 1.27mm (0.05") pin space connector for easy installation. 0.8mm shaft, weight 1.34gm, 6mm diameter 4.5Ohm coreless motor.

£ 3.60

Vapor Main Motor (PKZ3316)

Replacement 6mm 3ohm coreless motor for Parkzone Vapor and Night Vapor. Complete with 2 pin 1.27mm spacing connector.

£ 6.10

7mm Coreless Motor (3.3ohm, 2.3ohm and 1.7ohm)

7mm coreless motor, available in 1.7ohm, 2.3ohm and 3.3ohm. These are great little motors, direct replacements for the SS Blue (1.7ohm), SS Red (2.3ohm) and SS Orange (3.3ohm). 1mm shaft. 2.9gm.

Motor leads are 55mm with bare ends. The majority of micro ESC and receivers with built-in ESC are fitted with 2 pin 1.27mm sockets, matching 2 pin plugs are available here.

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8.5mm Coreless Motor

8.5mm coreless motor as used on several Parkzone micro models. Fitted with 2 pin 1.27mm pin space plug and pinion compatible with PKZ3624 gearbox.

The Parkzone P51 and E-flite Micro 4-Site motors are the same specification and have the same pinion. The difference is that the P51 motor has approx 100mm leads and the 4-Site motor has approx 130mm leads.

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CL-0820-15-9T 8.5mm Coreless Motor

A superb high power replacement 8.5mm motor for Parkzone and E-flite gearboxes - complete with 9 tooth pinion.

This is a drop-in replacement for the motor in most Parkzone and E-flite Ultra Micro models and will give a marked performance improvement. Alternatively, mate it with the Parkzone PKZ3527 or E-flite EFL9053 gearboxes to power your own model.

Motor leads are 115mm with bare ends. Suitable 2 pin 1.27mm plugs (compatible with the ESC socket on AR64x0 and PKZ335x receivers) are available here.

£ 6.60


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Plantraco GB05 Motor/Gearbox

4mm 13 ohm motor + 5:1 gearbox with 0.2 mod gears. Draws about 150mA with the 3233 CF prop attached. Weight with motor is 0.86 grams excluding prop adapter and prop. GB05 includes a prop adapter but no prop.

£ 13.10

GB03 motor/gearbox

6mm 4.5ohm motor + gearbox. 5.25:1 gear ratio - 0.25 mod gears, 1mm shaft. Long motor leads 6cm and terminated with .05 pin connector. Good for props measuring 4 - 6 inches. Pulls about 200mA or so - depends on the load. 2.29 grams total weight.

£ 10.80

Vapor Gearbox (PKZ3327)

Replacement 6:1 gearbox for Parkzone Vapor and Night Vapor. Does not include motor. Output shaft is 1mm diameter with threaded end to fit the Vapor prop.

Spare prop shafts are available for this motor/gearbox: £ 2.90


£ 4.10

Parkzone P-51 Motor / Gearbox (PKZ3624)

Replacement 8.5mm coreless motor and gearbox for Parkzone Micro P-51D. Gearbox output shaft is 1.5mm with a threaded end. Motor is fitted with 2 pin 1.27mm spacing connector.

This motor/gearbox is used on many of the Stevens Aero and Mountain Models micro model kits.

The recommended prop is the 4-Site Prop (pack of 2) or P51 Prop with Spinner. GWS micro speed 5x3 and 5x4.3 props can be used with a 1.5mm prop adapter.

If this motor/gearbox is out of stock, a unit may be built using the separate gearbox and 8.5mm motor.

£ 12.75

Spare prop shafts are available for this motor/gearbox: £ 2.55


Parkzone P51/Su-26m Gearbox without Motor (PKZ3527)

Replacement gearbox for several Parkzone models, as used in PKZ3624.

£ 5.25

E-flite Micro 4-Site Gearbox (EFL9053)

Replacement gearbox for E-Flite Ultra Micro 4-Site.

Ideal gearbox for a Depron profile model. Use a Parkzone PKZ3616 or CL-0820-15 motor.

£ 5.30

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