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Aircraft Parts & Accessories - Control Linkages

Du-Bro Park Flyer Control Horns (DB919)

The control horn measures 15mm in height and comes with two pins molded on the bottom flat for easy installation and secure gluing. The pins can be trimmed off if not desired. Ideal for park flyers. 2/pkg.

£ 1.55

Du-Bro DB935 Micro Adjustable Control Horn

A lightweight fully adjustable control horn for indoor and park flyers. Includes large area mounting plates which have positioning points to prevent them from turning. Weight: 1g each, 2 per pkg.

£ 2.10

Du-Bro DB936 Micro Razor Control Horn

Designed for medium size indoor and park flyer models. The open frame design is light but strong. Complete with bottom support plate and two adjustment positions. Overall height: 20.6mm (0.8inch), weight: 0.49gm, 2 per pkg.

£ 1.65

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Radio Active Control Horn

Lightweight control horns for 3mm and 6mm thick Depron foam models. Available in two versions for fitting to 1.5mm CF rod or 2mm CF rod. Supplied as a pack of 4.

Select Rod size:

Du-Bro DB923 Micro Pushrod Guide

A lightweight guide for bare pushrods (i.e. not within a tube). 4 guides/pkg.

£ 1.65

Du-Bro D929 micro ball link for 0.47 pushrods (2 pack)

The perfect connector for your micro and mini model control rods. Complete with snap fitting nylon socket and retaining nut. Also includes a threaded coupler which can be soldered or glued. Weight - 0.45g each, 2/pkg.

£ 4.80

Du-Bro 90deg Bellcrank (DB851)

Mounts inside wing for use with ailerons and control linkage systems. Bellcrank injection molded and comes complete with mounting hardware.

£ 1.55

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